Thursday, April 22, 2010

One person can make a difference...

Two-thirds of India’s population of a billion people live in the nation’s 600,000 villages. Despite India’s economic growth, the disparities between wealth and poverty are enormous. Many villagers migrate to the cities in search of work and end up begging on the streets. South Indian bank manager J S Parthiban set out to do something to help their economic circumstances. He encouraged beggars to open bank accounts in New Delhi, and pioneered micro-loans to villagers in his home state of Tamil Nadu. This is his story—and theirs.

(tissue box warning around 7 minutes - jan)

Banking On Change (12 min version) from Pilgrim Films on Vimeo.

My Kiva Friend Ramona says "I really wish Kiva would also be able to expand one day into India."

later man, jan

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Google bomb request...

I'm posting this for a friend I follow who calls himself Real Live Preacher.

He has this friend Mike who sold his gas station in 2008 and it appears the whole neighbourhood mourned the loss of such a great mechanic.

He says...
"They say the two things you have to find when you move to a new city are a good doctor and a good mechanic. I’ve had several physicians in the twenty years that I have lived in San Antonio but only one mechanic. His name is Mike."

Well Mike the Mechanic now has his own Kastis Automotive Repair in San Antonio and I understand that if his website is linked to in enough other websites and blogs, then Google will pull him up easier when people search. And if you pop over to his page... check out Mike’s tips for making your car last.

So here's my plug for Mike - who sounds like a great guy - and it's probably a shame he didn't move and open up here in Calgary, where we never seem to know where to turn to for help with our cars.

Best of luck, you go get 'em, Mike :)

later man, jan

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy? Easter...

Holy Week for us is also holiday week. I find that my Holy/holiday week is hard work. Holy Week is difficult when you are on vacation and trying to have fun at the same time as you are digging deeper into your faith. My emotions are like a roller coaster ride.

I'm finding it difficult to make time and space to reflect on my chosen readings when my normal schedule has totally changed it's routine. I realize now that even though I *thought* I was too busy at home, I was actually held comfortably captive by a life revolving around John's work hours and pre-school days and visiting dad and volunteer time at the church and volleyball and going to curves and computer time and grocery shopping and dinner out and on and on...

Ever since the kids were small we have driven to the west coast for our annual visit. Easter has always been cut and dried. The Christmas baby grew up, was martyred for his beliefs and rose again 3 days later. John always patiently played Jesus Christ, Superstar for me on the car radio, year after year. Somehow, this year, the words have taken on a life that was never there before. Most especially the words "Heal Yourselves" as Jesus is thought to have said while pushed by the growing crowd of followers wanting another miracle.

There is little privacy while on vacation. I'm not complaining about being loved... but even spending an extra 10 minutes in the bathroom elicits concerns for my health. Sitting quietly alone in a room appears a strange occupation. I actually had someone the other day say "what ya doin? meditating or something?"

Well, yeah.
So I need to explain... but somehow it's too private...
so I'm now doing what??? ... posting it for all to see of course :)

well so, ok
Tomorrow is Easter Sunday
Christ is Risen - again.
This for me is Hope renewed that God's plan, while delayed again and again by our stubborn closed minds, will be realized as each of us, one by one, opens our minds and our hearts and welcomes the breath of the Spirit to flow through and fill us with love and compassion for all. We are all One.

"I am the vine and you are the branches"
"I am in the Father and the Father is in me"
"My Father's house has many rooms"

Whether your mother tongue is Christian or another... use this coming day to acknowledge you have a source outside and inside yourself. Open to it and feel the presence of strength renewed over and over.

later man, jan

ps chocolate is also holy, but don't eat too much ;)