Saturday, November 25, 2006

I REALLY want to know how they do this...

I went to this site - and we did it over and over - and I gotta be missing something... How Do They Do This ????

later man, jan

Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming...

Hey Phil - Christmas is coming :)

It happens so fast every year... there's already lights on our street and costco was a zoo today.

If you were watching the news on CTV this week, and paying strict attention, you would have seen Peter on the 5-6 year old segment of Toy Test 2006... you have to watch the whole thing and he is wearing a blue t-shirt right at the end of the video - only a grandma would watch this over, and over, and... :)

I just found my way to a blog that says a lot of what I am thinking about Christmas and Santa and adds a whole lot more... I recommend Melchizedek

ps thanx to the MadMonk for the link - Congrats to the first new Dad at ! (we'll miss you at Wondercafe - but we know you'll be busy - try to stay awake :)

later man, jan

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello-- am I reading this right ????

Students at Edmonton's Northern Alberta Institute of Technology will attend a campus sporting a familiar name soon — the college's south Edmonton location will be called the Ralph Klein Campus.

Would this be the same Ralph Klein that cut spending to education so that Alberta could balance their budget? I wonder what they will call the next new hospital???

Thanx, Frodo... but are you sure ???
later man, jan

Monday, November 20, 2006

Well, it seems I am almost Canadian...

must have been because I chose a scarf and not a toque ???

You are 83% Canuck!

Now that's what I'm talking about! You did good, you really, really did. I can call you my friend and not have to feel ashamed, and I thank you for that, really I do. Thank you, that is just really great!

How Canadian Are You?
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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Change is coming to the United Church...

This is a link to a sermon given today somewhere in Ontario, I think, by a minister that has been posting regularly to He goes by the nickname of RevMatt.

I have learned very quickly to respect the thoughts/replies/answers that this person posts. These are the thoughts he planned to speak to his congregation today and part of it is describing the new ad campaign and the website that I have previously posted links to.

He goes on to speak of his vision of what's coming up for the future of the United Church of Canada. Each congregation of our church is going to have to do some soul searching to see if we are prepared to welcome those attracted by this new campaign.

later man, jan

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Christian vs Christ-Follower

Thanx, Gord... Everyone needs to check this out. I liked these videos . Kind of a cross between the Mac/PC ads and of "what does it mean to be Christian" discussions. I think I like them specially since I can identify myself on both the left and on the right. Just depends on the day and what side of the bed I climbed out :)

Frodo says "of course if parody and satire are not your bag, you may be less impressed."

later man, jan

Which Star Trek Character are you ???

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wondering where I've been...

If you were wondering - :) - I have been down with the flu for a week and spending all my free time at ( )
Wow - is that place addictive... Expecially for someone who just HAS TO add their 2cents worth. I don't bother logging in because I am not intending to post anything, just read for a while. Then I just can't help myself. What do you do with a person who thinks the rest of the world really want to know what she thinks.
I have also been following links to other sites that some folks there have suggested - some good, some not so good - what a world is this internet! I could never meet a real person again as long as I have food in my fridge. What a concept - later man, jan

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jesus Bobblehead Doll... hey Phil, buy me one...

My car is just crying for one of these - that bare dashboard has waited long enough...
and maybe even a second one for the coffee table :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The United Church of Canada debuts its new forum...

The new ads will be appearing anytime soon... some of them quite thought-provoking.
Then watch E-Z Answer Squirrel trying to answer life's important questions :) then go check out... to discuss the answers more deeply... That's the plan anyway.

This summer, in Thunder Bay, the United Church General Council voted to fund this new project with a view to appealing to the electronic generation. You know, those 30 to 45 year olds who are not coming to church these days. Those discussing the problems of the world in internet forums.

I like the look of the new site personally. However, I can't seem to load my photo into the profile, even after reading the FAQ and downloading the software program recommended. My image is .jpg and is 90x90 pixels and is only 5K so what can be the problem?

Since I am outside the target age group, that is probably not a big issue :)
Who wants to see a photo of me even at 6 months :)

I did the church search and found 29 United Churches within 20km of our home. That's a lot of churches. Glad to say, my home church was one of them :)

Please give the site a try and let me know your thoughts...
later man, jan

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mackenzie Blundell-Dunkerley - the Rover clan grows by one more...

3 months old and already bigger than a pumpkin...

Mom appears relaxed and loving every minute...

and yes - every child knows there is joy built right in to the name Jolly Jumper.

I can't wait till Christmas - whee...

later man, jan

Morgan decided this was the week to walk...

Morgan appears to think long and hard about things...
When he finally does something - he does it right...
After 4 days he hardly wobbles at all...

Unless of course his brother passes by, or the dogs, or he trips on a toy, or he bumps into the corner...
He went the whole length of the hall at church without once going down...

Do you think it has anything to do with dog food in the diet???

Peter now has to double check to see that the door of his room is closed at all times...

however - these brothers are the best of friends - most of the time :)

later man, jan