Friday, December 28, 2012

Idle No More

I have never been good with words, with facts, with details. My personal problem has always been that information going into my brain doesn't come back out easily as words but it does affect how I feel.  So I have always listened to what my heart says and that gets me in trouble because everyone wants words. When my heart speaks, people want me to back it up with facts.  To somehow convince them.  That's just not who I am.  I became involved with Occupy because I saw some sort of hope there.  Some way I could participate in a supportive role without having to use words.
And now it's time to be Idle No More.
Chief Theresa Spence says the pain of her people is too great.
She is on day 17 of her hunger strike and is prepared to die for her people.

I know nothing about navigable waters except what I hear from Elizabeth May, our Green Party leader who I trust and pray can make a difference.  I just see that our government is putting laws into place that most Canadians know nothing about and doing it at a speed that is frightening.  Stephen Harper himself didn't like omnibus bills until he gained the power to use them himself.  At this point I don't see any reasonable debate and I see a party line and a whole bunch of sheeple in parliament that frighten me with the power they give their leader.  It's time our government began listening to the people and not to the corporate need for a stronger 'economy' at the expense of Mother Earth. 

I have spent weeks going thru the Indian Act and the 1995 Royal Commission and much time following the Truth and Reconciliation hearings and recommendations coming from our church.  So much stuff we never learned in school.  So many generations of people living with damage to their souls that will take even more generations to heal. 

I believe there is corruption everywhere, not just within First Nations, so we need to clean our own slates before pointing fingers at others.  I believe the First Nations need a stronger voice in whatever decisions they say affect them.  I don't see them having this voice.  Chief Theresa Spence is demanding a voice, demanding respect for treaties signed by ancestors.   I pray she can stay strong and healthy because I dread what could ensue if she dies.

Idle No More was started by four ordinary women tired of the battle they have been waging.  They also want their voices heard.  The response has been overwhelming from the grassroots level.  I am prepared to support them however I can. 

later man, jan (hugs)