Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Calgary Zoo is a great place...

                            This month is focused on the Gorillas and their habitat... everywhere we went the Gorillas had left interesting comments... such fun :)

                           and where else can you sit and watch hippos and fish and giraffes and zebras from the same perch on a railing?

                                    Mo was chosen to play the part of "the guy with the hose, who washes his car on the street" in the production of ......  The Bow Below !!!  
(a cool way to teach that everything from the storm sewers ends up in the Bow River)

I think Prehistoric Park is the favourite... even tho Pete was bummed that many of the cool climbing places were closed to the public.

But everywhere, finally, the scent of spring in the air brought joy to children, adults and dinosaurs alike :)

later man, jan