Friday, March 25, 2011

I am so lucky...

Many days I get out of bed wondering how I could have been so lucky. It could me dealing with an earthquake or a tsunami. It could be me dealing with fear living in a country torn by war. It could be me sorting through the garbage in our back alley searching for enough recyclables to earn a little cash like that fellow I saw yesterday as I was leaving comfortably in my car. Life will be easier for him with the new black bins, he won't have to untie all those bags, sigh. So yes, I feel lucky. I thank my parents for the life they gave me and the country they chose for me.

This all came to mind today while reading a blog I follow that I want to recommend to you. Betty is on a week-long service trip with 10 students from her husband’s college to San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala. Today's blog is called...
I smell like smoke. I feel like worms.

I always enjoy Betty's words. I always benefit in some way from Betty's insight. I hope you will also.

later man, jan

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tomorrow is the 15th... WooHoo !!!

The 15th !!!
This is the day so many of us wait - not so patiently - for each month.
Kiva borrowers repayments are posted back to our Kiva Credit!!!

I have posted on this blog and and told most of my friends about over and over again...

but today I thought... hmm... perhaps I've missed someone.

This (old) video pretty much tells why I love to lend $25 to women around the world.

later man, jan

(link added because Facebook doesn't play the video... )

Sunday, March 13, 2011

sending love and light to Japan and around the world...

try this distance healing meditation 6 minutes a day...

The main purpose is to fill the dense body with that healing neutral energy. It's not about anything but you. Once you have filled yourself & surrounded yourself with this loving energy, simply stay with it.

Sit down wherever you are; get comfy; and take in a big deep breath & let it out through you nose in a big way. Do this once more. And again.

Now, begin breathing slowly, deeply, in & out.

Going inside, let the breath flow through the body from feet to head; from head to feet & back to heart.

Now, just focus on the heart chakra area; breathe in; breathe out.

As you do this over and over, begin to feel, hear &/or see the heart chakra slowly growing with heat & light, pulsating; expanding.

When it feels right for you, let it expand outside the dense body & allow it to surround yourself. Feel the warmth, the love, the joy.

Breathe in; breathe out. Continue to feel the expansion as the energy of the heart chakra fills the space around you; and then, only if/when it feels right, let it out further into the room & yet beyond, further & further. Set your intention to send this warmth, love and yes, joy to all those hurting today in our world.

All the while, remember to breathe in; breathe out.
Do this for 6 minutes & that’s it. You’re done!

Now, go with joy into the day with your love-filled self! Thank you!

later man, jan