Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I SEE - an introduction to Operation Eyesight

Operation Eyesight began and still has it's headquarters in Calgary... "Two out of three of the world’s needlessly blind people are women and girls. Women often have less access to eye care, are more susceptible to certain eye diseases and have longer lives to live. But in places where the day-to-day reality of family life is already harsh, blindness – often totally preventable ortreatable – can become the difference between life and death. In the developing world, women truly arethe heart of their families and the backbone of their communities. They care for their husbands, children and parents. Many also eke out a meagre income doing whatever job they find. Women carry a heavy burden – one that can be almost impossible to bear if they or their family members become visually impaired."

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wonderful Kiva Documentary...

This video was posted on the Kiva Fellows Blog March 11th and truly shows life in Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world, and the amazing success that can be achieved by individual entrepreneurs and LEAP (the Local Enterprise Assistance Program). You really can make a huge difference in someone's life just by lending them $25.

Kiva Documentary-What Did They Do With My $25 Loan? from Brent E. Huffman on Vimeo.

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Calgary KivaTeam

We had a wonderful get together last night with some of the Calgary Kiva lenders. Thanks Marnie and Cristian for opening your beautiful home to us. And the food... well, I have always been a great fan of potluck meals. Homemade Dominican empenadas? (sp?) Double-Fried Plantains. Moroccan Pilaf! I need to contact Louise to find out what exactly was in those wraps and how long under the broiler?! And Jonathon, your chocolate... sigh. Sorry, the photo is of the table *after* the hoard went through:)

It is amazing to sit and talk with people who come from so many different walks of life but somehow found out another way to make a difference in the world is by lending through Kiva. Wonderful to find we all really hold the same value systems and it's not all about me-me-me or putting number one first. More stories from Laura about her time in Rwanda, I can watch her smile all day :) We missed you Raksha (actually, we were missing the spinach salad, I think you were the only one who actually said what you were bringing :)... do hope you're ok and just forgot or something. For those who didn't come, we're planning a campfire and bbq back yard get together so mark April 24 on your calendar and pray the rain stays away.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Music for Peace...

The Playing For Change Foundation is building a new music school in the Village of Kirina, Mali. Kirina is a village of musicians, some of whom can trace their musical ancestry back over 75 generations! In this very special episode West African music legend Baaba Maal and friends perform for the village elders in honor of the new "Playing For Life" music school that is just beginning construction.

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