Sunday, January 10, 2010

Would you *cut* your six year old on purpose ???

"YouTube and the World Economic Forum are opening the doors to Davos to provide unique access for an individual to elevate a worthy and important cause. 'The Davos Debates' are an opportunity to engage and debate with the world's leaders, and join them on stage for a special panel to help pitch their cause to the world."

Here is Julia's appeal to end FGM now.

Please go to and vote for Julia...

I listened to all 5 of the videos and they are all under 3 minutes and all very worthy entries... however, I voted for Julia. I felt her message was wonderfully moving and understandable. I think she deserves our support because it's the only way I can feel I am helping right now.

Vote for her to speak at Davos and help get the message of Female Genital Mutilation out in the open so all the world can see and discuss and possibly do something to make change happen.

later man, jan